Wednesday, April 20, 2011

summertime and the living is easy

10 Things I Want to Do this Summer

I have major things I have to do this summer: find a temporary job until I go to grad school, do some grad school research to figure out which grad school I want to go to, find scholarships, so on and so on. But here are some things I'd like to do just for me, just for fun.

Photobucket Find new summer clothes. I've gained weight this past year, and I no longer fit into a lot of my old tight skirts! I want to find a new, affordable, summer wardrobe. Maybe I'll finally learn how to thrift?

Photobucket Finish my scrapbook. I've been working a scrapbook of my trips with my roommates for a long time now, but I stopped sometime around last year.

Photobucket Finish my craft projects! I have so many! I start them and then let them wait...

Photobucket Read for fun!

Photobucket Get on a regular blogging schedule.

Photobucket Learn to sew at least skirts. I can't say I'll ever be talented enough to create dresses or costumes, but skirts seem so east and so cute!

Photobucket Learn how to cook (MORE than macaroni) and start eating healthier. I've gotten slack in my eating habits this year, and I really need to reteach myself good eating habits. Cooking, well, that goes hand in hand with growing up!

Photobucket Hula hoop! I first learned about hooping from one of my favorite blogs, San Smith, and I've been dying to learn/start! I did some searching today and didn't see any hooping classes, but maybe with the start of summer some will pop up in Phoenix. If not, I can buy a hoop on my own.

Photobucket Go to the library more.

Photobucket Spend time with my family. I've lived away from my parents, brother, and dogs for a few years and I'd like to spend some time with them before grad school and the rest of my life.

What are your plans for this summer? Anything fun?

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