Friday, April 15, 2011

disney day!

Another Friday, another Disney Day!


Disclaimer: I find most of my images from tumblr. If they are not credited, it is only because I did NOT FIND a credible source on Tumblr. If it is wrongly credited or not credited, I am sorry! PLEASE let me know if you know the correct source for an image I post EVER: I only want to credit the people whose hard work I admire!

I LOVE these tattoos! I am dying to know who they belong to to. I also love the knuckle tattoos- I assume it says bookworm? Adorable. If anyone knows whose tattoos they are, let me know!

Another mystery girl. What a beautiful Pocahantas!

This is concept work for Pixar's upcoming film called Brave. It is their first princess story, and she looks amazingly tough. I love the wild red hair. Found here on Tumblr.

Another day, another Mary Blair.

Ah! This kills me! Beautiful realistic Ariel. By meirou.


Later on in this week, I have a new interview series planned. Stay tuned!

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