Monday, March 7, 2011

now now lady don't give up

This post is more of a reminder to myself: I can do it if I just set my mind to it!


For years, I've tried to crochet. I've been knitting since high school, no problem, and I love it. There was just something about crocheting. I had multiple friends try to teach me and I just gave up after muddled and tangled chains. My mind just couldn't wrap around the way the hook worked. I didn't understand it, and I got frustrated.


This weekend, I had my roommate Casie show me once more, and then she left for the weekend. I had the weekend alone to work on homework. I ended up crocheting for the whole weekend! I didn't do ANY homework. I just watched Veronica Mars and crocheted straight through the weekend.

I was amazed. I'm not a great crocheter by any means, but I DID IT. I'm working on a scarf- I know, as spring is starting.

But I've learned. I still have to learn to crochet in the round and the different stitches, but the important thing is I didn't just give up! I set my mind to it and powered through. Yay!


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