Friday, March 25, 2011

disney day!

Hello friends! Let's talk about Disney Day. Here are some of my favorite Disney images that I've found on Tumblr.

Disclaimer: I find most of my images from tumblr. If they are not credited, it is only because I did NOT FIND a credible source on Tumblr. If it is wrongly credited or not credited, I am sorry! PLEASE let me know if you know the correct source for an image I post EVER: I only want to credit the people whose hard work I admire!

Beautiful, beautiful video of Claire Keane painting a Tangled mural at Disney. Claire Keane is an artist at Disney, and she is the daughter of the famous Disney artist Glen Keane.

Speaking of, here is a beautiful piece of Rapunzel concept art by Claire herself.

Yui Tohma from Deviantart.

Disney for Art, Princess and the Frog decorated bass. So beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed Disney Day!

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