Sunday, January 30, 2011

craft time!

Hello again!

I wanted to post about a craft I did last weekend. My friends and I made our own miniature chalkboard! I got the instructions/pattern/idea from this lovely website here. This blog suggested chalkboard contact paper. We didn't find this, so we ended up using chalkboard spray paint. After, we did find the contact paper and I'd suggest using that, as the spray paint took quite a few coats and still wasn't the perfect material to use.

Like the blog suggests, we got black foam core, an exacto knife, and we used the spray paint. We painted the foam, cut out our shapes, and voila! Fun miniature chalkboards.

Mine currently says I'm a Monster, in honor of both Kanye West and Arrested Development's Buster.

Thanks for checking out my little craft post, have a wonderful Sunday!