Saturday, January 15, 2011



It's been awhile, and I apologize! I started school and that's always complicated haha.

What I wore my first day of school. I realize my hair is crazy. I need to get it cut!
My favorite shoes. The dress is F21, the tights and shoes are Target.


I thought I'd share some of my small Disney collection today! It's still growing, but I really like it haha.

Oh gosh, there's a lunchbox, a coin purse, a diary, a ceramic paint it yourself Ariel, a piggy bank, three Cutesters from the Disney Vinyl collection, two Belles!, stickers, coloring books, Wicked poison apple-flavored mints.

A princess photo frame, some Kingdom Hearts postcards.

My newest edition, a Rapunzel doll as a Christmas present from my roommate Sarah.

My Belle dolls. The one on the left sings! I got it from my amazing penpal Ameneh.

I have more at my home in Phoenix, but these are the ones I have in Tucson!


I also collect Disney princess coloring books! However, I don't just collect them. I watercolor and embroider them! Haha I know this is so weird and I honestly don't have an explanation for why I do it. I think it's pretty!

With a large coloring book, I can embroider skin and hair, but with smaller, normal sized ones I just do small portions.

Like so!

Thanks for looking at my nerdy Disney collection. Have a great day!



  1. The fact that you have a Disney collection is seriously too cool! I love Disney but the only things I really 'collect' are the movies. Do you play the Kingdom Hearts games? That's one of my favourite video game series. :)

    Your outfit's really cute, by the way! I really like the tights and shoes.

  2. haha thank you! i do play the kingdom hearts games! not as often as i'd like since i only have nintendo systems, but i'm excited to get the new one for the ds!

    and thank you so much!!

  3. Cute outfit! And such a great collection! haha, I'm jealous!