Friday, February 18, 2011

disney day!


Hello friends! As I get back into the swing of blogging, I'm getting back into Disney Day!

Disclaimer: I find most of my images from tumblr. If they are not credited, it is only because I did NOT FIND a credible source on Tumblr. If it is wrongly credited or not credited, I am sorry! PLEASE let me know if you know the correct source for an image I post EVER: I only want to credit the people whose hard work I admire!


These insanely awesome Macbook decals! I'm dying for the Snow White one!

This is beautiful. I'd love a poster of this.

This photo has been floating around Tumblr. I would LOVE this! Dying. If anyone knows where I could find it, I'd be forever grateful!

Beautiful fanart of Sleeping Beauty & Belle.

I love these interpretations of fairy tales by artist Courtney Brims.



  1. Hey Laura,

    I'm with one that did the Beauty and the Beast Poster. Let me know if you still want it. I'm on twitter @ciarasworld

  2. That Beauty and the Beast artwork is gorgeous! And I'm not a huuuge fan of Snow White but that teapot is adorable. I love your Disney posts!

  3. Snow White is one of my favorite stories!