Friday, February 4, 2011

disney day!

Last week I skipped Disney Day for a mysterious reason. Here are some fun Disney pictures I found on Tumblr this week!

Disclaimer: I find most of my images from tumblr. If they are not credited, it is only because I did NOT FIND a credible source on Tumblr. If it is wrongly credited or not credited, I am sorry! PLEASE let me know if you know the correct source for an image I post EVER: I only want to credit the people whose hard work I admire!

How beautiful is this strange Ariel painting? So awesome. Her eyes are amazing!

Disney has this awesome line of vinyl toys. I collect their Cutesters line, because that seems to be mostly princessy, but I also LOVE Disney villains. I've been thinking about expanding my collection to include Disney villains, and this looks like the perfect way to start! The Ursula one is my favorite- she's my favorite villain!
This necklace is BEAUTIFUL. I love it! I only found it on Tumblr, and here's the only place I found it was on Zappos. Disney Couture is super expensive but beautiful.

I don't know who this girl is, but she's got such a cute little Snow White style.

Cute little fanart for Beauty and the Beast- Belle and the Beast reading a book.

This fanart is actually based off of a coloring book pictures! So beautiful.